When consumers become producers of electricity, serious challenges are posed to the Dutch electricity grid. And these are not just technological hurdles – there are also major ethical and legal issues to overcome. A multidisciplinary team is working on a local, self-managing electricity system that is equally beneficial to everyone.

The Dutch power grid is busy. In large parts of the country, the grid has even reached its maximum capacity. The construction of new solar parks, residential areas and industrial zones is increasingly delayed because grid capacity cannot be made available in time. This is all due to increased power consumption and renewable electricity production. More and more homes are now “all electric” and are heated by electric heat pumps instead of gas. Furthermore, electric vehicles are taking off, and electricity is coming from more decentralised sources, such as rooftop solar panels and solar and wind parks. Consumers are also becoming producers, or rather prosumers, of
electricity. As a result of these trends, the robustness of the power grid is under pressure.”

In April, an article about the MegaMind program was published on the NWO website and in the I/O Magazine.

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