My name is Demetris; I am 28 years old and currently living in Delft.

My academic background includes a master’s degree in robotics, systems, and control from ETH Zurich and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Cyprus.

During my master’s degree, I have focused on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and optimization. I have chosen these areas because I have always been intrigued by their mathematical and analytical aspects. Besides, I was motivated to study these areas due to their broad applicability and promising capabilities.

During my studies, I have pursued research opportunities as an R&D intern at ABB Switzerland and a research assistant at the PSM laboratory of the University of Cyprus. Through these opportunities, I applied artificial intelligence to real-life problems and learned about faults, instabilities, and issues suffered by energy systems.

Accordingly, my passion, experiences, and skills have guided me towards a Ph.D. at the AI Energy lab, of IEPG at TU Delft and as a part of the MegaMind program. The title of my research is “Stability of DSO-TSO operations.” Through my research, I aim to improve the exchanged information and inferred knowledge by the system operators to improve the stability of their operations. Furthermore, I am motivated to utilize my interest in machine learning for a smooth transition to the power grid of the future.

I pursued a Ph.D. within the MegaMind program because of my extreme interest in this research area and the strong industrial and academic partners. The MegaMind program enables the cooperation and exchange of ideas between researchers from multiple Dutch institutions while ensuring the applicability of research and impactful work through constant feedback from the industrial partners. Hence, by pursuing this Ph.D. I not only have the fortune to work under the supervision of distinguished academics, but I also have the opportunity to cooperate with other brilliant researchers and scientists and the privilege to discuss my approaches and findings with industry experts.

Through this project, I hope to contribute to the transition to the power grid of the future. Besides that, I believe that my supervisors, promotors, and industrial partners’ guidance will help me excel and eventually become a leading researcher in my field.