I am Leander, I’m 23 years old and currently living in Enschede. In 2021, I finished my master in Applied Mathematics with a specialization in Data Science.

The reason I specialized in Data Science is because we live in a world where data can easily be obtained. However, this causes data sets to get larger and it gets more difficult to use this data and analyze it. This problem has always interested me.

I have also been interested in the electricity field for a long time and always followed news about the energy transition and the problems they cause in the electricity grid. That’s why I decided to become a PhD Candidate at the University of Twente and be part of the MegaMind program.

In this program, I get the chance to contribute to solving the problems in the electricity grid and help achieve a smooth transition to renewable energy resources. The title of my research track is “Robust planning and control for local energy markets” and my goal in this project is to investigate how energy management can support the setup and integration of multiple local energy markets.

One of the biggest reasons for me to join the MegaMind program is the large number of partners that are associated with it. Not only other universities but also companies that are dealing with problems related to our research. This makes it easy for me to have meetings with these companies, understand where exactly problems occur and make sure that the results of my research will be applicable in real life.

During this PhD candidacy, I want to learn how to function efficiently within such a large program and contribute something to such an important research field.